EM Sullivan has built its 40 years of sales and distribution excellence with superior quality products and timely expert technical knowledge but our overarching mission has been to develop and build long lasting relationships.

It has been a true team effort over many years, based on communication and good business practices that has enabled EM Sullivan to expand its reach and will enable us to continue to grow as we look towards the future. We value these relationships, new and old, as they continue to flourish through a shared commitment to excellence.

  • Evonik – Have grown sales territory from representing just the Philadelphia region in the late 1980’s, into presently representing the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region.  Awarded Excellence in Sales and Service continuously from 2002-2007 and recognized as a Distinguished Distributor in 2010.
  • CVC– Since we started as a sales agent in the early 1990’s our territory has expanded from Philadelphia  to the entire South East. Recognized as # 1 in Total Sales and Top Growth in 2004, Sullivan has been honored to be awarded for #1  in Total Sales in 2006 and 2007 as well.
  • CL Hauthaway– 30 plus years of service. Awarded Distributor of the Year in 2007 .
  • Scott Bader– One of the first American Distributors for Scott Bader with over 30 years of service.
  • DeForest Enterprises– Since taking on the DeForest line on in the mid-1980’s, Sullivan has expanded its South East territory to include Philadelphia and the Mid- Atlantic Region.